‘A Taste of Pesach’ cookbook leaves more time for Passover reminiscing

The weather hasn’t been spring-like, but the ads for ingredients for Passover and Easter feasts make me hopeful that long-awaited better weather is ahead.

Passover begins at sundown April 14 with the first seder, the feast that begins the 8-day Jewish holiday. Although they are different spring holidays, both include meals that celebrate tradition and beloved memories. One Passover memory I have is my maternal grandmother making her “famous” stuffed cabbage, and my “job” of inserting toothpicks to hold the rolls together. Indeed, that was a task, as was making sure those picks came out before eating. Fast forward many years …

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                                   “unstuffed” cabbage

                      Baby Bella & Cranberry Brisket

photos by: David Ticktin

recipes reprinted with permission of Artscroll/Mesorah Publications