Stephen Fries sees more emphasis on labels, one-pot fare, less salt in ’14. Famed food writer Jane Stern returns to teach food writing at Gateway Community College.


Over the New Year’s holiday, I was thinking about food trends we will see this year, and how cyclical styles of cooking are. My food “crystal ball” shows:

— More people reading food ingredient labels when shopping.

— Menu items featuring comfort food with a twist on old favorites at fine-dining restaurants.

— Home cooks looking for quick and easy one-pot dishes using healthful ingredients and using slow cookers for meal preparation.

— Seasoning food with spices and herbs rather than salt.

— Salty-sweet combination in desserts and confections.

— People eating more breakfast fare for dinner

— Single-subject cookbooks continuing in popularity.

— The number of food blogs and food-related entertainment will increase because of the thirst for food knowledge.

I asked Connecticut food writer Jane Stern, who is considered an encyclopedia of food, what she sees for 2014.

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