Save room for cheesecake from Amici Italian Grill in Middletown

Found: Rebecca Dobuzinsky of Clinton wrote, “I would like the recipe for caramelized apple cheesecake served at Amici Italian Grill (280 Main St., Middletown,” The menu features house-made pastas (traditional semolina and whole wheat), traditional salads, fresh fish and flavorful meats.

Chef Christopher Zieler, who has worked at Amici for 10 years, grew up around home-cooked food, and it was his grandmother who taught him how to cook. I will have to make the trip to Amici again to try some savory dishes like the Warm Goat Cheese Salad (pepper-crusted goat cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes, roasted red and green peppers over fresh spring greens, topped with pine nuts and served with cranberry vinaigrette) and Chicken Gnocchi (grilled chicken strips sauteed with diced tomatoes, spinach, goat cheese and roasted shallots tossed with gnocchi. Of course, I will need to get my fix of the cheesecake, which is so velvety rich with caramelized apples in every bite and topped with not one, but two heavenly sauces.

Rebecca, take out your pans and whisk since Chef Zieler was happy to share the recipe. To see the rest of the column and recipe, please click on this link

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