Chef Ben Gaffney of Atticus Bookstore-Cafe in New Haven tosses pears and candied pecans into this salad

Found: Sharon Gilbert of Milford wrote, “Atticus Bookstore-Cafe, (1082 Chapel St., New Haven, has a delicious pear salad that has an even tastier dressing served with it. I would love the recipe.”

Sharon, Ben Gaffney, the chef and general manager, was delighted to part with the recipe which is made with cranberries.

Atticus began as a bookstore in 1976 and added the café in 1981. In 1995, the owner launched Chabaso, a wholesale bakery, featuring handcrafted breads, hearth-baked in European-style ovens according to Old World traditions. Naturally, these breads are served at Atticus.To see the rest of this column and recipe, please click on this link

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