Back in the day, they called pasta, ‘Macaroni’

Most of us enjoy dining al fresco, whether it is at the beach, a picnic at the park or out on the back porch.

Easy-to-prepare macaroni salads are often part of the menu and sometimes the meal itself. Two additions to my vintage recipe pamphlet collection, “101 Ways to Prepare Macaroni,” published in 1942 by V. La Rosa and Sons, and “Macaroni Magic,” 1945, gave me inspiration for this column.

The La Rosa company had factories in Danielson and Brooklyn, and both produced more than 1½ million pounds of pasta per week.

Macaroni, the term often used in that era, came in many shapes, including “space wheels.” Even today, the choices seem endless, dry pasta, fresh pasta, colored pasta, flavored pasta, including chocolate, egg, whole wheat and gluten free. I recently purchased pasta made from quinoa. The National Pasta Association’s is a great resource to learn more about one of America’s favorite foods.

Pasta, an ideal partner for nutritious foods that are essential to a healthful diet, pairs nicely with vegetables, beans, fish, tomato sauce, poultry and lean meats. Its versatility even allows you to create desserts such as Noodle Fruit Pudding and Apple Brown Betty found in “101 Ways To Prepare Macaroni.”  To see the rest of this column and the recipes, please click on this link.

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