Say it with chocolate - Valentine truffles and other trifles

(Photos courtesy of “Truffles” by Dede Wilson, Harvard Common Press)

What better way to show your valentine and loved ones how special they are on Feb. 14 than by giving a gift of chocolate truffles or other confections you made special for them?

Throughout the year, but especially this time of year, I find myself putting my nose to the glass cases in gourmet boutiques showcasing those decadent mouth-watering chocolates. I feel like a “kid” in a candy store viewing the assortment of truffles, those intensely flavored bonbons, each one just a bite or two of rich, velvety chocolate with a creamy filling.

During my food travels, I have had opportunities to see how chocolatiers such as Norman Love (yes, this is his last name) Confections and William Dean Chocolates create their craft.To see the rest of this column and recipes, please click here.

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