'Desserts in Jars'​ - a sweet notion at the holidays or any time

“Are you ready for Christmas?” I am asked this question, very often by my students, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers I meet in a store. I recently thought about this question.

What do they mean? Is the tree up? Are the multitude of cookies baked? Is the holiday feast planned? Is the house decorated? Is all of the shopping for those on the gift list done?

As a child, and sometimes, even as an adult, I like it when Hanukkah coincides with Christmas. This year, Hanukkah was over well before Dec. 25, but I got to thinking, why was I never asked, “Are you ready for Hanukkah?” So, are you ready for Christmas? I bet you have a few last-minute gifts you still need. To see the rest of this column and recipe, please click here.

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